Sunday, July 11, 2004

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Friday, July 09, 2004
I R Update

Mum showed dad, Jade and me drawings of our soon-to-be house. Here's the best part, with mum's permission, she'll let me design my room and she's extending giving me a space to make my jam room which I've been dreaming about since highschool. Jade snorted because I'll be too old to even care if I do have or don't have a jam room. Somehow, she had made a cruel sense but I didn't listen because it's my personal interest and it'll be brilliant for me to rest my precious music instruments in. Anyway, overall, the house would be spacious and far away from the city. So, you lot have to drive up if you want to see me because In won't be there on time. Haha!

Might be getting a new car but that's uncertain. It wasn't my idea because I adore my car to death. It was Mum's. She never did like my car. I am determined to modify it, giving it a new paintjob and change the scrawny tires so that it grips the road and fix the leak that was caused by on one of the windows.

* updated vicious candids. 3 events and whining for a  broadband.

I should be sleeping but I couldn't, eventhough I know I would be meeting up with friends and at night, I'm heading  for a dance performance. Serve me right for sleeping in the afternoon. Seriously, I would resemble as a zombie. Limping my way to Swensen's, grunting when ordering and staring at the companies of lively muggles with drool slushing out from my droopy mouth; contemplating whether to eat them so that they'll shut up or make them a comfortably lumpy bed.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Bow before you me, peasants!

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
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Hm...that picture disturbs me. o__O Anyway, I'll be posting pictures soon, so hold you knickers!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Sleep damn it. Sleep!

I am meant to live in overseas. I've been awake for quite a while when I know that I should be sleeping. This jet-lagging has been around since forever and well, "Mama, your daughter is an insomniac."


Sent my sister to her french class at Shah Alam. Poor lass got sick. :/ The interesting thing is that I joined her class to pass the time and also to keep off from driving in that ridiculous night jam outside. There I was, hardly know anything about french language, Jade shared her text book with me and mind you, I was reading french! It's fun! Something new, you know! Overall, the teacher was cool to let me in. At the same time, I think Jade is her pet.

Uploaded new pictures. Check it out, if you want, yeah?

There's no tickets for Akademi Fantasia. I was really looking forward to the concert. I don't know why, but I have a hunch that it was going to be a good one. Called up Kat, since she was the one who was suppose to get the tickets and couldn't help but being honest of how I felt about not getting the tickets. Yes, I was upset but there's 8 more weeks to go, right? And why am I so obsessed about it? Hmmm..I shouldn't have know that our friend is in there and I shouldn't have continue watching and voting for him and a few. I guess, onwards to the BBQ! Beef, anyone?

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Friday, June 25, 2004
Neck aches.

It's really an effort to get work done around here. Done with my designs and all I need is another 5 hours to get some crappy background music, game to work and hand it all up before 4 p.m. Seriously, I am starving, sick of peanut butter and jam sandwich for dinner and a glass of milo, singing the same line from a lyric for a 2 days straight (be's Kaer's/Khair's version of 'Januari' song) and I definitely want to have my damn holiday even when it started a week ago.

I want to get out of here. Out of CJ and back home to my comfy bed, bundles of food in the kitchen and away from doing anything but watching tv, eat and sleep. Heaven forbid that I'll be on the plane to Scotland, Ireland, London and then to Paris in mid-July. Yaay? I guess. 2 weeks? Please leave a message after the tone.

Going to miss alot of rest when I'm out. And definitely need alot of Giga for pictures. Ah...the conveniences of digital cameras with a couple of boredom pictures of self and whatever amuses me along the way.

Wrote a song. Underconstruction but trying to fit in the lyrics and make it as short as possible. How the hell did I get the inspiration to write something in CJ?! Not to mention the thick haze that's been looming lately. Dear god.

I think I'm going to sell my other Gryffindor scarf. Who knows? Maybe someone would love to get their paws on it. Return the money that I've owed from Dad. Heh. It's a start!

Curses. My neck hurts like public wedgies. I can't seem to get it volume down.

How come everyone has an animal alter-ego except for me? I did, recently, chose to be a sheep but CK got a little intimate with his crabby "titanium" shell act, I just got to get away from my woolly suit and move on to another animal. But which one? I definitely can apply a job as a bear? Ew. Wait, that's my old principal's image. My children won't live to see the day their mother a former bear worshiper. I can be a...a...a red van driving chinchilla? XD I am so going to make an animation out of that!

Well, off I go to continue my painful torture. Salam!

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Boredom. Spare me.

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Thursday, June 24, 2004
Killah, Killah, Killah.

I'm alive? I'm alive!! Heh. I'm bored and decided to "update" this a little bit. Well, here I am. Back. So, just wanted to say this and I've updated my photopages. The link you can find it on your right side table and the name Vicious Candids.


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Saturday, February 21, 2004
Wish you were here...

Hey! What do you know? I am in Paris! *gives a knowing look to Kat* Well, airport per se. We're taking a transit here to Morocco since there's no direct flight from KL. How peculiar! Anyway, nothing much to say but I wish that somebody would tapau me a nasi lemak right now. I have a sudden craving for that sniz. Did I mention that I hate this keyboard? All the characters are everywhere and I'm resembling like that Pippin actor when he plays with PS2. Quote "Where's the X......?" *face upclose to the joystick* Unquote.

Anyway, Geeg, see you in Jun? July? *hussies* Will you back in time when Hqrry Potter movie premiere?

Has anyone got dvd/vcd/video on The Labyrinth? Pearl Habor? Don't ask me why because I have that sort of "spur of the moment" thing going on. Let me know yeah?

Incubus is coming! Woot! Woot! I need to know where do we can purchase those lovely tickets. Any ideas where? I am desperate. *wonders if anyone reads her journal at all*


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Monday, February 16, 2004

Thank you for making me feel like the scum of the universe.

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Sod off if you can't handle it.

Happy Birthday, Miaka! =) And may your wishes come true.


Is it a crime for being misunderstood? All I want it to be left alone. Sure, I like people and I like talking but sometimes...I wish that I was left alone. Nobody could tell me what or what not to do. Nobody gets hurt and nobody gets pissed off. Sometimes, I wonder. Why do we like to hurt one another? There's no point to it actually. Just a mistake that we did and we know or don't know that it was wrong. Besides the long list, nobody tolerates each other. For example; 'You're fat and no one likes fat people as a companion because they're too big.' That's a whole lot of moose crap. Sure, I do fancy thin, buffed boys because we are exposed to the media who thinks that 'Thin is beautiful'. What I don't get is when you're good enough, clever enough and interesting enough -- nobody wants to see you because of your shape. I know that some of the big people found good companions who accepted them the way they are but how many can you find in this world? 1 out of 10 chances.

'Specially the big girl, big girls need love too no discrimination in this world.' -- OutKast.

Honestly...I'll be waiting for that world.

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